Mr. Kelly obtained a zero verdict at trial for Peoria School District #150, after receiving a demand for life time benefits prior to trial and total medical expenses incurred were over $250,000.

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Mr. Kelly obtains a trial verdict of zero for the School District. Mr. Carlton sought life time benefits at trial against the School District.

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 Stephen represented Peoria School District trial verdict of zero, establishing that Ms. Krus claim for multiple injuries and claim for significant monies, denied.

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Appellate Court verdict, finding officers Needham's cubital tunnel syndrome related to his work activities as a police officer.

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Stephen represented Unity Point, in a zero award from the Appellate Court, on issue as to whether the alleged repetitive trauma claimed by Ms. Hagaman was work related, or not. 

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A win for a bus driver, awarding surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome.

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A finding that Mr. Verway, was permanently and totally unable to return to work, resulting in a letter Settlement over $300,000.

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Stephen represented Peoria County, and obtained a zero verdict on whether the fall sustained by Ms. Carter was work related, or not. 

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