Protection of Illinois National Guardsmen

Serving your state and country as a member of the Illinois National Guard is a worthy calling, one for which the men and women in the Guard should be proud. They should also be protected.

Under state and federal law, members of the Illinois National Guard are eligible for certain benefits should they be called to active duty. That includes duty protecting their state. Those benefits include:

  • Medical Benefits: State Active Duty receive medical, dental and hospital benefits for injury and disease incurred in line-of-duty.
  • Group Insurance: The Illinois National Guard offers insurance at low rates ΜΆ from $5,000 for $2 a month up to $50,000 for $17 a month, as well as spouse and dependent insurance.
  • Workers Compensation: Available to National Guard members while on State Active Duty.
  • Injury/Death Benefits: $100,000 compensation paid to beneficiary of Guard members killed on State Active Duty.

In addition, members of the Illinois National Guard and Reserve are eligible for employment assistance when on active duty or when training and the Military Family Leave Act provides 15 to 30 days of unpaid leave time to spouses and parents of soldiers called to more than one month of active duty.

Contact Stephen P. Kelly, Attorney At Law, if you want to make sure you are getting all the benefits owed to you while serving. Let us protect you, while you are protecting us.