Protection for Police Officers

One only has to follow the news to know that first responders, police officers in particular, are under tremendous pressure with every call they take. They are charged with protecting the innocent, but who is protecting them? First responders are, and should be, protected by the same rights as the average citizen. That includes the right to an attorney.

In Illinois, police officers are subject to the Uniform Peace Officers’ Disciplinary Act, which acts as this state’s Bill of Rights for law enforcement officers. It clearly spells out the rights of officers who are subjected to interrogation, including that no officer shall be interrogated without first being informed in writing about the subject of the interrogation.

Because of the very nature of their dealings with the public, police officers may find themselves litigants in civil cases. Again, in these cases, they have the right to legal representation. 

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Injured Police Work Information


  • Medical Expenses
  • Off-Work Pay
  • Disability Pay
  • Medical Care by Doctor of Your Choice

Types of Accidents

  • Specific Accident (Altercations, Falls)
  • Repetitive (Computer Use)
  • Occupational Disease

Action to be Taken after Accident

  • Report Accident Within 45 Days to Employer
  • Report Accident Orally and in Writing
  • Report Accident to Doctor

What to Report

  • Date of Accident
  • Description of Accident
  • Description of Injured Body Part

Warning Signs/Employer Tool

  • Company Doctor
  • Independent Examination
  • Recorded Statement
  • Medical Nurse Assigned to Case
  • Light Duty

Benefits Available

  • IOD – Off Work – 1 Year – PEDA
  • Workers’ Compensation – Medical Bills,Disability Benefits
  • Pension – Line of Duty Disability
  • PSEBA – Health Insurance if Pension Awarded

Time to Report an Accident

  • Within 45 Days From Specific Accident
  • Repetitive Trauma – Consult an Attorney