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One only has to follow the news to know that first responders, police officers in particular, are under tremendous pressure with every call they take. They are charged with protecting the innocent, but who is protecting them? First responders are, and should be, protected by the same rights as the average citizen. That includes the right to an attorney.

In Illinois, police officers are subject to the Uniform Peace Officers’ Disciplinary Act, which acts as this state’s Bill of Rights for law enforcement officers. It clearly spells out the rights of officers who are subjected to interrogation, including that no officer shall be interrogated without first being informed in writing about the subject of the interrogation.

Because of the very nature of their dealings with the public, police officers may find themselves litigants in civil cases. Again, in these cases, they have the right to legal representation. 

If you need representation by a lawyer who is well-versed in many aspects of the law, with the kind of litigation experience to make sure you are protected every step of the way, call Stephen P. Kelly, Attorney At Law.

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Tangela Taylor

A Police officer for the City of Peoria suffered a catastrophic injury while working for the City of Peoria. As a result of her injuries, Officer Taylor was unable to return to work as a police officer for the City of Peoria. As her attorney, Stephen P. Kelly obtained her benefits under the Pension Act and her PSEBA benefits. Subsequent to winning the trail for her pension and PSEBA benefits, Stephen P. Kelly tried Officer Taylor’s case in front of the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission. After receiving a very favorable award from the Illinois Worker’s Commission, the City of Peoria appealed the award to the Illinois Appellate Court. The City of Peoria argued, that the Pension benefits awarded to Officer Taylor should be used to reduce her award under the Illinois Workers Compensation act. The Appellate Court rejected the City of Peoria’s argument, and upheld the decision of the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission.

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