Stephen Kelly Law proudly supports local firefighters – and now Peoria Firefighters’ Local 50 supports Stephen Kelly Law.

“We truly admire the work that Local 50 and firefighters in Illinois do to keep us safe,” said Stephen Kelly. “From years of experience, we understand the life-threatening circumstances they face every day and work hard to protect their rights.”

Historically, firefighters are at risk of a wide range of occupational hazards and illnesses ranging from lung cancer and mesothelioma to heart/vascular disease and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD).

The members of Local 50 have served the citizens of Peoria since February 7, 1875, when the Peoria Fire Department was first organized as a fully paid fire department.

The firm of Stephen P. Kelly, Attorney At Law, brings 31 years of trial experience to the bar in the areas of workers’ compensation, employment law, police and fire liability and auto liability defense.

A Police officer for the City of Peoria suffered a catastrophic injury while working for the City of Peoria. As a result of her injuries, Officer Taylor was unable to return to work as a police officer for the City of Peoria. As her attorney, Stephen P. Kelly obtained her benefits under the Pension Act and her PSEBA benefits. Subsequent to winning the trail for her pension and PSEBA benefits, Stephen P. Kelly tried Officer Taylor’s case in front of the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission. After receiving a very favorable award from the Illinois Worker’s Commission, the City of Peoria appealed the award to the Illinois Appellate Court. The City of Peoria argued, that the Pension benefits awarded to Officer Taylor should be used to reduce her award under the Illinois Workers Compensation act. The Appellate Court rejected the City of Peoria’s argument, and upheld the decision of the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission.

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A Captain in the Peoria Fire department was injured while fighting a fire in Peoria, Illinois. Due to her injuries, she was unable to return to work as a Firefighter for the City of Peoria. Stephen P. Kelly, as Allen’s attorney, filed for On Line Duty Disability Pension Benefits. The City of Peoria intervened in the Pension Application Process and defended against the claims of Angela Allen. A full hearing occurred, and Angela was awarded her on line duty benefits under the Pension Act. The City of Peoria appealed the award all the way to the Appellate Court. The Appellate Court upheld the decision of the Firefighter Pension Board. Finding that Angela Allen, with the guidance and help of attorney Stephen P. Kelly, established her entitlement to the disability benefits. Angela Allen will also be entitled to her PSEBA benefits as a result of this victory. Angela Allen will also expect to receive her benefits under the Illinois Workers Compensation Benefits.

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We are proud to announce that Michael Brandow has joined our law firm! Michael has over 30 years of experience fighting for the rights of workers in workers compensation cases. Find out more about Michael

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Mr. Kelly obtained a zero verdict for Unity Point Hospital after the Petitioner sustained a work injury, but was unable to prove his complaints were related to that injury.

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Mr. Kelly obtained a zero verdict at trial for Peoria School District #150, after receiving a demand for life time benefits prior to trial and total medical expenses incurred were over $250,000.

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Mr. Kelly obtains a trial verdict of zero for the School District. Mr. Carlton sought life time benefits at trial against the School District.

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 Stephen represented Peoria School District trial verdict of zero, establishing that Ms. Krus claim for multiple injuries and claim for significant monies, denied.

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