I was involved in a motor vehicle accident in the state of Georgia. I sustained serious injuries as result of the same. I was in the hospital for many months. After hiring Mr. Kelly, I was able to receive the compensation I was entitled to. Mr. Kelly was able to obtain a settlement for over a half a million dollars at the end of my case. This matter proceeded quickly under the direction of Mr. Kelly. I was able to communicate with Mr. Kelly at all times during my case. I was advised as to the status of my case at all times.

Signed a Canton area resident

We (the School District) hired Mr. Kelly to defend workers’ compensation cases filed by two employees. The two employees alleged that they were involved in a work-related accident. The alleged injuries were the result of the bus driver, and the monitor, allegedly being involved in an auto accident. Through Mr. Kelly’s aggressive defense of the case, it was discovered that the two employees staged the alleged work accident. Both cases filed by the two employees were dismissed by the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Carrier. The claims have been turned over to the State’s Attorney, Peoria County, for determination whether fraud charges should be filed. As the result of the diligent work of Mr. Kelly, Peoria School District 150 saved over $75,000.00 in workers’ compensation benefits.

Peoria Public Schools District 150

I, as a claims manager for Sedgwick Insurance Company, hired Mr. Kelly to defend a workers’ compensation case filed by an employee of Peoria School District 150 with the Illinois Workers’ Compenation Commission. Through the team effort of Peoria School District 150, Sedgwick, and Mr. Kelly, it was discovered that the employee injured herself at home and not at work. Mr. Kelly took the appropriate steps to expose the fraudulent charges to the Illinois Workers’ Compensation at the time of trial. The hearing officer immediately recommended dismissal of the case prior to the ending of the trial. The case was dismissed. Mr. Kelly has directed this case to the Peoria County State’s Atttorney for fraud charges. The case is pending review by the State’s Attorney in Peoria County. By Mr. Kelly’s aggressive skills as an attorney, the Peoria School District 150 and Sedgwick Insurance saved over $50,000.00 in Illinois workers’ compensation benefits.

Sedgwick Claims Manager

Mr. Kelly is responsible for the first fraud conviction in Sangamon County stemming from a work-related accident. An employee of Curry Ice & Coal sustained a work injury while driving a truck. Through aggressive legal representation by Mr. Kelly, it was discovered that the employee was working at another job while receiving benefits under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act. The case was tried in front of an arbitrator in front of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission. The case was denied after the employee lied on the stand. The matter was turned over to the State’s Attorney in Sangamon County by Mr. Kelly. Mr. Kelly testified in front of the Grand Jury. The employee pled guilty to insurance fraud.

Curry Ice & Coal

Mr. Kelly has represented Methodist Medical Center/UnityPoint Health for over 15 years. Over the last 15 years, Mr. Kelly has tried over 20 cases for the hospital. Mr. Kelly has a 98 percent success rate at trial on behalf of the Hospital. Mr. Kelly has saved the Hospital over $2,000,000.00 in claimed medical expenses as a result of winning these trials. The Hospital’s workers’ compensation claims have decreased during the time frame Mr. Kelly has represented us. Mr. Kelly is aggressive, responsive and provides a successful plan of action for trial success. We, at the Hospital, consider ourselves protectors of those who are in need of help; Mr. Kelly is truly a protector of the every day hero.

UnityPoint Health - Methodist Medical Center