First Responder COVID Rights

New rights have been granted to first responders and essential workers in the state of Illinois who contract COVID-19. Now, there’s a “presumption” that any COVID-19 illness is work-related, which gives additional weight to any workers’ compensation claims. Contact Stephen if you would like to discuss your COVID-related workers' comp case.

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Auto Insurance Coverage

Attorney Stephen Kelly takes a deep dive into auto insurance – what’s the minimum coverage required in Illinois, how much you should have, what types are available, which ones you should avoid, and how important it is to have more than just the minimum coverage to better protect yourself. If you have been in an auto accident, contact Stephen today to discuss your case.

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Workers' Rights & COVID-19

Attorney Stephen Kelly discusses recent changes in state regulations regarding worker's comp and COVID-19. If you're concerned about losing pay because of being quarantined, contact Stephen today.

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Legalization of Marijuana in IL

Attorney Stephen Kelly discusses the new state of Illinois marijuana laws and what that means for you in the workplace. Has cannabis affected you in your workplace? Contact Stephen today to discuss your issue.

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Worker's Compensation

When you get injured on the job, as an employee you have a right to wage replacement as well as medical benefits. But how do you know when to settle or go to trial? Attorney Stephen Kelly talks about your options.

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